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Our Amazon Japan advertising foundations are built on The Rising Sun Engine.

In summary The Rising Sun Engine:

  1. Continuously discovers new keyword and competitor targets to bid on.
  2. Continuously optimizes target bids to hit specific goals.

In very basic terms, The Rising Sun Engine finds and then tests new targets continuously and then once we know how well an individual targets converts, we optimises how much we are willing to bid per click. 

The whole purpose of The Rising Sun Engine is to continuously grow your database of keywords and competitor ‘targets’ that your advertising campaigns bid on, and then to continuously optimize how much you pay for each target so that you always trend towards your goals.


Assuming you have a product people want to buy, then if the INPUTS are good the OUTPUTS will take care of themselves.
I.E. you will grow sales and the sales will become more profitable.


  • New relevant keywords
  • New relevant competitor products
  • Optimized bids


  • Revenue growth
  • Profitable sales

The video presentation below explains The Rising Sun Engine in more detail.


There are almost limitless advertising options on Amazon Japan, with new ad types being introduced regularly.

Rising Sun Commerce can utilize any of the available ad types on Amazon Japan, however we do this in a strategic manner that fits in with the budgets and goals of the client.

For example, if there is a limited budget and sales are still in the early growth stages, then we tend to focus on The Rising Sun Engine and utilize Sponsored Products Keyword Targeting Campaigns so we can send shoppers who are actively searching for your type of product, as well as Sponsored Products and Sponsored Display Product Targeting Campaigns to target shoppers viewing similar products to your product.

However, as advertising budgets increase and we need to grab the attention of a larger pool of shoppers we can move into video advertising and other Sponsored Brands advertising solutions. We also customise the advertising to a higher level to even sent shoppers to specially customized Brand Store pages to increase awareness and conversions when the time is right.


Amazon Japan advertising falls under our general Account Management agreement. There are 4 Pricing Tiers that are based on monthly sales revenue.

Client Monthly RevenuePricing TierPricing
>$10,000 <$20,0002$1000
>$20,000 <$30,0003$1500
>$30,0004$1500 + 5% net profit

* You cannot move down a Pricing Tier, you can only move up.

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