To understand what products sell well in the Beauty category on Amazon Japan we analysed the Top 100 Best-Selling products in this category.

*Note that Best Seller lists update regularly so the data presented here may differ slightly from the current products, however, the general trends should be similar as we regularly update this article.

Best Selling Beauty Products on Amazon Japan

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Group of products that sell well on Amazon Japan:

Main Products

  • Skincare
  • Make-up
  • Hair
  • Oral care
  • Bath products
  • Men’s
  • Miscellaneous beauty products e.g. Piercing aftercare spray, multigroom set etc.

Skincare products were best sellers in the Beauty category. There were 6 listings in the Top 10 and 31 in the Top 100. Oral care products are the second most popular in the Top 100 best sellers, with 18 listings. The market for Skin and oral care appears to be strong with a total of 49 listings.

How does this compare to other Amazon markets?

To see how Amazon Japan compares to other popular Amazon marketplaces, we also analysed the Top 100 Best-Seller list on

Similarities between Japan and US markets

Skincare and Oral Care were popular categories in both marketplaces. Skincare was the most popular category in both marketplaces. 27% of listings on Amazon Japan were from the Skincare category.

Differences between Japan and US markets

Overall, the marketplaces were similar, however, there were some slight differences. The USA marketplace had more Miscellaneous Beauty products. Further to this, Sunscreen was particularly popular in Japan with 6 listings on the Top 100.

Japan Top ListingsUSA Top Listings
6 Suncream products7 Lotions
5 Lotions6 Razors
5 Deodorants5 Shampoos
5 shampoos5 Toothpastes
4 Body washes/soaps4 Essential oils
4 Face masks3 Soaps
3 Mouthwashes3 Serums
3 Essences2 Sunscreens
3 Razors2 Whitening strips
3 Hair removal cream2 Body washes
3 Feet deodorisers2 Pimple removal tools
2 Whitening products (teeth)
2 Hand soaps
2 Face creams
2 Cleansing Oils
2 Bath Bombs
2 Leave in treatments
2 Toothbrushes

Breakdown of the number for different product types on (only shown if there were 2 or more listings in the Top 100)


In Japan ‘ConCool’and ‘Biore’ were particularly popular whereas in the USA ‘Gilette’ and ‘Burt’s Bees’ were the popular brands. The most popular brands in Japan were Japanese brands. USA brands were also homegrown. Top brands in Japan made up 10% of the best-selling category: Skincare.


The products that sell well on Amazon Japan are similar to those that sell well in the US. There are more listings in the USA marketplace.

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