To understand what products sell well in the Hair Styling category on Amazon Japan we analysed the Top 100 Best-Selling products in this category.

*Note that Best Seller lists update regularly so the data presented here may differ slightly from the current products, however, the general trends should be similar as we regularly update this article.

Best Selling Hair Styling Products on Amazon Japan

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Groups of products that sell well on Amazon Japan:

Main Products

  • Straightening tools
  • Curling tools
  • Crimping tools
  • Multifunctional tools
  • Grooming tools
  • Hair drying tools

Hair dryers are the single best selling product type on Amazon Japan in the Hair Styling category. There are 5 listings in the Top 10 and 36 in the Top 100. Hair straighteners are also popular ( 2 in the Top 10).  Out of the Top 100 Hair styling products 86% were hair drying or hair styling electrical products.

How does this compare to other Amazon markets?

To see how Amazon Japan compares to other popular Amazon marketplaces, we also analysed the Top 100 Best-Seller list on

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Similarities between Japan and UK markets

Similar to Japan, Straighteners and Hair dryers were popular in the UK. There were 33 listings in the UK and 67 listings in Japan.

Differences between Japan and UK markets

In the UK, Grooming tools were highly popular. 48% of listings were under the Grooming tools category- These products were not as popular in Japan, with only 13 listings in the Top 100.

Japan: Top listingsUK: Top listings
36 Hair dryers23 Brushes
28 Hair straighteners19 Hair dryers
11 Curling wands13 Straighteners
7 Brushes12 Hair trimmers
6 Multifunctional stylers9 Multifunctional stylers
5 Hair irons7 Curling wands
4 Combs5 Combs
3 Hair shears
3 Hair rollers

Breakdown of the number for different product types on and (only shown if there were 2 or more listings in the Top 100)


In the UK, many well-known brands made up the Top 100 e.g. Philips, Babyliss, Panasonic and Remington. Remington and Babyliss were popular, with 10 and 16 listings respectively in the Top 100 best sellers in the Hair Styling category. ‘Panasonic’ and ‘Tescom’ were the two most popular brands in the Japan marketplace. The most popular brands in the UK were Italian and American. In Japan, the most popular brands were Japanese.


The products that sell well on Amazon Japan are different to those that sell well in the UK marketplace. Grooming products were best sellers in the UK whereas Hair drying/straightening tools were the strongest sellers in Japan.

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