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Is Amazon Japan right for your product?

Introducing the “Product Opportunity Analysis Report”

Amazon Japan isn’t right for every product or seller.

Some products bloom and it proves to be a goldmine.

Other products bomb and it spirals into disaster.

A “Product Opportunity Analysis Report” gives sellers all the information needed to make an informed, wise and sensible decision as to whether Amazon Japan is right for their situation.

Before launching your products on Amazon Japan, it pays to fully investigate the market so you can make the right decision.

The report includes:

✅ Estimated sales volume potential

✅ Monthly revenue potential

✅ Competitors review count & rating

✅ Image comparisons

✅ Advice from one of our experts

The data shows that Amazon Japan is a fantastic place to sell products.

Big Market

Japan is Amazon’s 3rd biggest marketplace in the world.

Fast Shipping

It only takes 2 days to ship stock from China to Japan.

It's Growing

Japan’s e-commerce is growing quickly.


How do you know if Japan is right for your product?

Launching products into your home market can be daunting. But in an overseas market there are even more questions to answer. . .

1. Is there demand?

You need to research if similar products are popular in Japan.

There is no point in trying to sell your products if there’s not much customer demand in Japan.

2. Is there profit?

You need to research how much Japanese customers are willing to pay for your products.

There is no point in selling your products in Japan if it’s unlikely to be profitable.

3. Do I need to adapt?

Even if your product is a great fit for Japan, the message you give may need to be adapted to suit a Japanese audience.

Understanding the way similar products are presented will help to make sure your product is successful.


We can’t stress enough how important it is to carry out a thorough investigation of the market-place you are thinking of launching into before you jump.

Whether this is Japan, another overseas market or even your home country.

Whether you carry out the research yourself or pay for someone experienced in the market-place to carry it out for you.

Research will uncover both the risks and opportunities. Investigate both at category level as well as looking at your main competitors.

Here’s what to look at:

  • current sales volume
  • sale price
  • review count
  • review score
  • an overview product listing quality.

Carrying out proper research before launching is very important for 3 reasons:

  1. It vastly reduces risk of wasting inventory .
  2. You’ll better understand the work required to make your product successful.
  3. You can make an informed and data based decision on whether Amazon Japan is right for you.


Carrying out thorough research can potentially save you a LOT of money.


The situation
A company who sells a range of homeware supplies & DIY materials were looking to launch in Japan.

They have around 20 products and came to us for help to understand:

  1. If Japan was a good fit for their products;
  2. Which product to start with.

We carried out 5 product opportunity analysis reports for them.

We looked at their four bestsellers from and another product that we thought specifically was a good fit for Japan.

Based on the findings we went on to help set-up their listings and manage their Amazon marketing as they launched their first product on Amazon Japan successfully.

A great result for everyone thanks to the peace of mind given by carrying out the research in advance of the launch.

What is in a “Product Opportunity Analysis Report”?

For Japan, our experienced team provide you with a detailed report about your category and best selling similar products on Amazon Japan.

We identify the top 3 best selling related products and compare your product to them.

A “Product Opportunity Analysis Report” gives all the information necessary for you to make an informed, wise and sensible decision as to whether Amazon Japan is right for you.

The report includes:

✅ Estimated sales volume potential

✅ Monthly revenue potential

✅ Competitors review count & rating

✅ Image comparisons

✅ Advice from one of our experts

Example Report

This example report is based on this tropical fish heater.

We chose this product because:

  1. It was selling well on
  2. Fish are popular in Japan.

So we wanted to discover if there is an opportunity on for this product.

Report Conclusion (full details of the report are further down the page)

There appears to be a very good opportunity to sell this fish tank heater on Amazon Japan based off the data in this Product Opportunity Analysis.

A high quality listing with a strong Title, Bullets, Enhanced Brand Content along with great images (particularly lifestyle images) will provide a good platform on which to start generating sales on Amazon Japan.

The report reveals:

There is revenue potential of up to ¥1,500,000 / month (approximately $15,000) from these 3 competitor products.

  1. The competitors average review rating is lower than 4, so not great.
  2. Two-thirds of competitors do NOT have Enhanced Brand Content.
  3. No competitors have a store-page.
  4. The title and bullets are poor (just from word count you can see this, but you can get a translation to be sure).
  5. Images are extremely poor.

All things considered there is a very good opportunity to get sales in Japan for this product.

Have a look below for a screenshot of the report and click here if you want to see the data in a Google Sheet

“The product opportunity analysis report is great. Thank you. Well written and considered – exactly what I was after.”

Will Moody


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  • Uncover how to make more money.
  • Identify potential pitfalls before you jump.
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