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To understand what products sell well in the Bath Sets category on Amazon Japan we analysed the Top 100 Best-Selling products in this category.

*Note that Best Seller lists update regularly so the data presented here may differ slightly from the current products, however, the general trends should be similar as we regularly update this article.

Best Selling Bath Set Products on Amazon Japan

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Groups of products that sell well on Amazon Japan:

Main Products

  • Miscellaneous products
  • Men’s
  • Assorted bath sets e.g. shower gel, bath bombs, bath milks etc.

Assorted bath products are the most popular products in the Japanese marketplace with 53 listings. 8 out of the top 10 products are from the Assorted Bath Sets category.

How does this compare to other Amazon markets?

To see how Amazon Japan compares to other popular Amazon marketplaces, we also analysed the Top 100 Best-Seller list on

Quick link to the Bath sets Top 100 Best-Sellers List on

Similarities between Japan and UK markets

Bath Sets are highly popular in both markets. 53 listings were found on Japan’s marketplace whereas the UK had 78 listings. These were the most popular categories for both marketplaces.

Differences between Japan and the UK markets

Both markets were very similar with hardly any differences. The only dissimilar category (by which we categorised the products) was ‘Miscellaneous products’. There were 9 listings in the UK marketplace whilst Japan had 47.

Odd items that appeared included protein shake powder, laundry powder and essence –  (number 21)

Japan: Top listingsUK: Top listings
49 Bath sets87 Bath sets
5 Laundry detergents2 Deodorants
4 Laundry powders2 Dermarollers
3 Bath salts2 Diffuser sets
3 Essences
2 Detergent sets
2 Dish wash powders
2 Hangover patches
2 Intimate hygiene sheets
2 Kitchen cleaners
2 Protein shake powders

Breakdown of the number for different product types on and (only shown if there were 2 or more listings in the Top 100).


In the UK, there are many big, well-known brands selling in the Top 100 products. For example Baylis & Harding, Bomb Cosmetics, Lynx, and Rituals. Top brands make up 41% of listings in the UK marketplace.

Sustainable brand Ecostore had the most listings out of all the brands on Japan’s Top 100. L’Occitane was the second most popular with 17 listings. Top brands make up 35% of listings in the Japanese marketplace.


The products that sell well on Amazon Japan are similar to those that sell when in the UK. There are hardly any differences. Assorted bath sets are the strongest sellers in Japan.

Further to this, products on the Japanese marketplace are packaged in a much simpler way with less focus on the aesthetic.

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